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  Digital Audio Broadcasting  
  Digital Audio Broadcasting

Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) is revolutionizing how the world listens to music, news, sports, traffic/weather and local content. Many similar acronyms abound such as DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting), DAR (Digital Audio Radio), DRB (Digital Radio Broadcasting), and DSB (Digital Sound Broadcasting). Whether designing equipment for in-band on channel (IBOC) or out of band (OBOC) circuits, Eureka-147, USADR, or ISDB-TN standards, engineers require robust and only the highest quality frequency components to discriminate and lock a satellite or terrestrial signal at possibly high speed and in a variety of environments.

Raltron is proud to offer the RSF-38.912-15000-9148-TR Band Pass Filter for just this purpose. It's low profile, small footprint, and strong attenuation of unwanted signals were selected specifically for the rigorous demands DAB places on frequency components


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