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  Gigabit Ethernet  
Gigabit Ethernet
PECL Clock for Gigabit Ethernet is now available.

The accelerating growth of LAN traffic is pushing network administrators to look for higher speed network technologies to meet the demand for more bandwidth. Among the high speed LAN technologies being developed today, Gigabit Ethernet seems the most compelling. It offers compatibility with all previous versions of Ethernet (i.e., 10BASE-T, 100BASE-T)
It provides a smooth, non-disruptive evolution to 1Gbps at a lower cost than alternative solutions. It also has the added advantage of lower cost because it can leverage existing equipment, management tools and training. The current Gbps Ethernet technology is defined in the IEEE802.3Z standard.

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Raltron has the technology
and engineering expertise to meet your Gigabit Ethernet application requirements.

  Oscillators for Gigabit Ethernet applications require low jitter clock sources. Raltron Electronics has developed a complete family of 3rd Overtone crystal oscillators to address this market.
  These oscillators exhibit extremely low SSB phase noise and jitter for the demands of Gigabit Ethernet environments.
  This family of oscillators are available on the packages shown on this page. Click on your package of interest to obtain a specification in Acrobat format.

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