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  Oscillators For Synchronization Chipsets  

Stratum 3 Clock Sources

Digital network connectivity is dependent upon the availability of a reliable synchronization source to provide a timing reference to the network elements.

Chipset Specification Compliance

Semtech ACS8510 OX4050A-LZ-28-12.800-STR3 Stratum 3
Semtech ACS8510 OX4020A-LZ-28-12.800-STR3-GW Stratum 3
Semtech ACS8530 OX4180A-LZ-1-12.800-SM Stratum 3E
Zarlink MT90401 OX4020B-D3-28-20.000-STR3-MS Stratum 3
Zarlink MT90401
OX4020A-F1-28-20.000-STR3-MS Stratum 3
Zarlink MT90401
TX4045B-D3-4.4-20.000-MS SONET Minimum Clock (SMC)


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